Our unique product is specially formulated to deliver the finest quality swine hemoglobin to the recipient. Emulsified in a complex matrix of water soluble binding agents, this single ingredient is known to the Jihadist terrorist to contaminate the body, spirit and soul, preventing admission into eternal Paradise.

  • No longer can the Jihadist terrorist expect to earn entry into Paradise by killing the infidel and dying in the process.

  • No longer can the Jihadist terrorist depend on encountering the 72 "virgins".

  • No longer can the Jihadist terrorist expect to be rewarded by Allah.

Any Jihadist terrorist wounded or worse with a Crusader Ammunition round can count on only one thing: actual spiritual banishment in the afterlife. The inevitable destination for his contaminated soul and spirit is eternal damnation with the pigs.   

Crusader Ammunition is the first company to fight a spiritual war with spiritual weapons.

Semper Fi


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